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See Us with Mike Deangelo on Good Day DC as Mr. Dangelo begins his 2nd annual walk from DC to Philadelphia in order to raise awareness to end gun violence! 

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          How would you like to be a champion of disenfranchised and underserved communities?  Together we can bridge gaps and drive change in these communities by fostering entrepreneurship through education, mentorship, and economic development. The JRK Foundation is guided by a simple philosophy “community engagement that’s centered around economic development is integral to the long term sustainability these communities.” For far too long these communities has been home to an extensive amount of talent, but very few resources available needed to groom these talented individuals to effectively collaborate for economic change. JRK Foundation has graciously accepted the responsibility of change.  

         The sustainability of JRK Foundation is both challenging and rewarding. We provide resources that prepare and empower entrepreneurs to be not only business leaders but also philanthropists within their communities. Your support is vital to helping us achieve that goal each and every year. The JRKickz Foundation is home to a group of socially responsible entrepreneurs and community leaders who are passionate about the revitalization of their communities. Your generous support bolsters the Foundation’s commitment to developing and serving our youth in schools as well as small businesses while creating an environment where community businesses can thrive collectively. Support from friends, family, and community members assist in advancing this initiative.

          On behalf of the JRK Foundation staff, and all communities who will directly benefits from your generosity, please accept my thanks for your gift, or purchase. Your personal commitment to JRK Foundation helps maintain our programs and helps develop communities that are often left behind in economic development.